Test your dermo-cosmetic active ingredients with the CELLOGER Mini automated analysis.

A dermo-cosmetic product must guarantee the quality of an in vitro evaluation to study its action and safety.

The CELLOGER Mini allows an efficient screening to characterise and identify potentially effective agents. By offering the possibility to study the biology of cells over time, the CELLOGER Mini system provides valuable information in the field of dermo-cosmetic research: Epidermal regeneration, Scratch Test, Cytotoxicity Test, Mechanism of Action Study…


Simultaneously produce 96 identical wounds with the Scratch-Izi, then monitor cell migration / wound healing in real time at the CELLOGER Mini.

The Scratch-Izi is an easy-to-use mechanical device designed to create homogeneous wounds in cell monolayers on 96-well microplates. Generate 96 identical scratches simultaneously in seconds with a simple turn of a button.

EXCEPTIONAL REPRODUCTIBILITY: The precision of the SCRATCH-Izi scratch tool, combined with the continuous and quantified monitoring of the CELLOGER Mini, results in data of unmatched quality and reproducibility.

Images de scratch test ou wound healing par le CELLOGER Mini IZIBIO sur cellule AGS et HeLa