• Fast imaging platforms: can image 96 well plate within 60 seconds
  • Concentric lens enables imaging of objects of interest growing near the edges
  • Omnifocal feature is ideal for accurate imaging and analysis of organoids growing in scaffolds
  • Brightfield  & Fluorescence
  • NX is equipped with incubation capability to monitor cell growth, assess signalling/ apoptosis at various time intervals
  • Deep learning automated analysis tool enables extraction of complex data for robust analysis

Live Timelapse imaging of your cellular cultures & 3D organoids


  • Less meniscus and clear imaging even at the peripheral area
  • Unique hyper-centric and tele-centric optical systems enables a high-resolution imaging of whole well including the marginal area of well
  • Lens have 2 resolution which has 0.8um/pix and 4um/pix
  • Equipped with high accurate extraction algorithm even cells soon after seeing
  • High speed mode provide 60 sec/ 96 well plate and 70 sec/ 384 well plate

3D cellular imaging

  • Equipped with a proprietary lens with a deep depth of field suitable for 3D cultured cell imaging and illumination
  • Z-stacking imaging and focus composition functions
  • Compatible with F-bottom, V-bottom, U-bottom, various SBS formats and microwell plates as standard
  • Functional specialty plates such as plates for 3D culture, Corning® Elplasia® (Corning Japan) and EZSPHERE (AGC Techno Glass Co., Ltd.) are also available

Deep Learning Plug-in (optional)

  • Deep Learning to extract and quantify only grown organoids
  • High confluence and non-uniform images can be accurately extracted and measured using Deep Learning

Multi-fluorescence imaging

  • Multi-fluorescence imaging and analysis
  • Bright field and 3 fluorescent colors* are automatically and continuously imaged with the simultaneous loading of LED fluorescent filter     * Cell3iMager duos2 only
  • Line up of 5 types of fluorescent filters

Automation system

  • Automation by connecting external devices such as plate stacker and incubator with a plate transfer robot
  • Automatically captures up to 200 images per day by robotization, streamlining a complicated workflow