Celloger Pro

Automated live cell imaging system

Celloger® Pro is an innovative live cell imaging system that redefines research capabilities. With its exceptional image quality and unmatched convenience, it empowers researchers with advanced features. By enabling real-time cell monitoring inside the incubator, it allows for seamless observation and tracking of cellular dynamics without disrupting the natural growth environment.

The system’s dual fluorescence and bright-field microscopy enable simultaneous visualization of multiple markers, while the multi-point time-lapse imaging captures dynamic cellular events across different locations.


Real-time cell monitoring inside an incubator

User-interchangeable objective lens option

Dual fluorescence microscopy for enhanced imaging

Intuitive interface and user-friendly tools

Multi-point time-lapse imaging capability

Multicolor fluorescence and brightfield imaging

  • With its dual color fluorescence and bright-field imaging capabilities, Celloger® Pro enables the capture of high-quality and high-resolution images.
  • With enhanced scanning methods and innovative merging techniques, the system reduces scanning time, enabling researchers to analyze cellular dynamics with exceptional clarity and efficiency.

Real-time monitoring inside the incubator

  • Celloger® Pro is designed to facilitate real-time monitoring of cells inside an incubator. By simply placing the device within the incubator and connecting it to an external PC, researchers are able to remotely observe cells in real-time.
  • With the time-lapse function, cell images are captured according to the schedule set by the researcher; the images can then be easily converted into time-lapse videos.

User-interchangeable objective lens

  • Celloger® Pro offers user-interchangeable objective lenses, providing flexibility to researchers based on their specific study requirements. With options such as 2X, 4X, and 10X objectives, users can switch between these lenses by hand.

Capturing images from multiple positions

  • Celloger® Pro enables imaging of samples in multiple positions by automatically moving the integrated camera while keeping the vessel and sample fixed on the stage. This ensures a stable environment for the cells, resulting in enhanced image quality and precise research outcomes.

Compatible with different vessel types

  • The system is compatible with different cell culture vessels such as well plates (up to 96 wells), flasks, dishes, and slides, and can switch between them by simply replacing the vessel holders for specific needs.

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