Cell STACK Monitor

Cell STACK Monitor

The Cell Stack Monitor is a system for observing multilayer cell culture. We provide an advanced system that meets the requirements of mass production and quality control of mammalian cells.

  • Monitoring of cell production on multilayer supports
    (Cellstack or Cellfactory type)
  • Real-time imaging inside the CO2 incubator
  • Real-time measurement of cell confluence and proliferation.

Real-time imaging and quantification of your multilayer cultures.


  • Multilayer and multi-plate cell monitoring
  • Improved reproducibility and mass production
  • Real-time monitoring of cells inside a CO2 incubator
  • Reduced operating costs.


  • Cell culture surveillance
  • Cellular morphology
  • Cellular confluence
  • Cellular proliferation
  • Cell culture quality control
  • Real-time monitoring of living cells and multi-layer observation (up to 10 layers)
  • Imaging and recording of multi-position time-lapses
  • Checks cell quality and detects confluence rate during culture
  • Improved reproducibility for cell culture and mass production
  • No need to take cells out of the incubator, eliminating contamination concerns.

Cell Images

HeLa cells incubated in a 10-layer chamber for 7 days with a time interval of one hour.


Confluency Graph