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Real-time Time-Lapse quantitative cell imaging system based on bright-field microscopy, also equipped with fluorescence capabilities. Resistant to temperature and humidity, it can be directly placed in conventional CO2 or hypoxia incubators.

Serial image capture enables researchers to observe real-time cell morphology and dynamics over extended periods, right within the incubator. Features such as stitching, z-stacking, the ability to perform different focuses based on positions, provide users with great flexibility in acquiring their images.

Image analysis is then automated by the software. It allows extraction of photos and videos, as well as proliferation, cytotoxicity, healing (scratch test), fluorescence rate, size and number of cells, or 3D cellular structures curves. We custom develop software modules to align with the specific cellular functions that interest you.


Real-time monitoring

No need to remove the cell sample from the incubator.

Compact size

Easy to install and transport, if needed, from one incubator to another.

Multi-position imaging

A fully motorized camera enables multipoint imaging for up to 96 wells. The culture support moves only for medium changes.

High compatibility

Compatible with all types of cell culture supports (all brands). It also allows working with Organ-on-Chip setups.

Z-stack imaging

Multiple focal planes (21 layers) can be captured using the Z-stacking feature.

Image stitching

The stitching function (59 images) enables wide-field image analysis.

Autofocus & Manual Focus

Increased focusing speed and improved reproducibility thanks to the reliable autofocus function. Also, the freedom to use manual focus for custom focusing.

Quantitative Analyses

Easy-to-use analysis tools for quantifying various cellular parameters: confluence, growth curve, fluorescence, cell and organoid counts, cell and 3D cellular structure sizes, and more.

Real-time monitoring

  • You can easily monitor live cells inside the incubator for an extended period without disrupting the cell culture-friendly environment.
  • Compatible with all CO2 and hypoxia incubators.

Compact size

  • Compact size of 226(h) x 358(l) x 215(w)mm.
  • Multiple systems can fit into a standard CO2 incubator.
  • Given the system weighs approximately 5 kg, it can be easily transported in and out of the incubator.


  • By using the motorized camera that moves 117 mm x 77 mm along the x and y axes, respectively, multiple positions can be captured according to the researcher’s defined schedule (intervals, cycles, total time).

Stable imaging performance

  • No movement of the culture support (neither for reading nor for retrieving the plate). The camera inside the system moves to capture images of cells in multiple positions. The cell sample remains stable in an environment conducive to cell growth.

Time-lapse video

  • Images captured according to set schedule can be made into videos in simple clicks.


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